KK Goh’s Property Journey

This is a page that details KK Goh’s Property Investment Journey. You get to see the master @ work. We believe that this page would be both educational and entertaining for the audience here. You can see how you can be like KK Goh, be starting on your own real estate journey.

1) Newspaper Publication about K.K. Goh starting his multi million investment journey with just S$ 327.

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2) KK Goh’s retired lifestyle after starting with only S$ 327.

KK Goh likes to play with Lego toys during his retirement!

3) His passion in teaching people the same knowledge he uses to achieve his multi million networth.

Bringing students to vietnam for property evaluation trips.

KK Goh imparting knowledge in our office at High Street Centre.

Bringing students to Malaysia for property evaluation trips.

Imparting knowledge in property seminars.

Bringing students to Malaysia for property evaluation trips.

4) His property evaluation journey and his hotels 

Hotel picture 1.

Hotel picture 2.

Hotel picture 3.

Taipei Trip


Using the notebook while traveling