Via purchasing of vending machine franchise you can!

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Who must read on!

Those who want an additional stream of income -  Whether you now hold a high paying job or not, you want to secure an additional stream of income. If machines are going to take away our jobs, we have to own the machines!

Those who want to get greater use from their savings - You have some savings and you can benefit by owning cash generating vending machines. Own the inevitable revolution which machines taking over more jobs!


My name is Raymond Ng, I am presently 45. I am at an age when my old classmates in school are starting to lose their jobs, and they would not be able to find back the jobs that pay them the salary that they have been able to get before.

I have a secondary school classmate, who used to be working for a big MNC bank in Singapore. His salary was a healthy 5 figure sum per month. He had a happy family with kids.

He was called into the office one day, and he was given notice for termination. In just one meeting, his healthy 5 figure salary per month is no more. He was a strong person but he needed to restart his career.

Even for some of my other classmates who still have jobs now, are living in fear day in day out. They told me it was a matter of time they would lose their jobs too. Many of my classmates are taking courses in Cooking so if they ever lose their jobs, they can start to cook

Sooner or later, all of us would have to face the question whether our salaried work would give us the financial certainty and safety that we all want so much.


I am a management consultant having 3,000 over SME clients. SMEs whom I have met are about 20,000 of them.

You heard the statistics, 90% of them fail in the first 5 years. Little known secret of the real cause of business failure is actually shareholder / partner dispute, burnout and tiredness accounting for 50% of the above mentioned failures.

In fact, there are people who lose their jobs and some of them use their few hundred thousands worth of savings to start a business and to lose it all in just 2 years.

What is the solution?

Freshly brewed coffee vending machine - Assuming the freshly brewed coffee vending machine sells one cup of coffee for an average of S$ 2.50. 20 cups a day would give you S$ 50.00 per day of revenue. That would give a monthly revenue (assuming 30 days) of S$ 1,500.

We personally think that 20 cups of coffee sale per day is a low estimate. A vending machine can suitably serve more than 20 cups a day.

We are also representing some combo vending machines that may be applicable to some of you here. It allows us to put in more places and stuff.

We have easy payment schemes that start off with just S$ 500. We have schemes that allow you to just try out vending machines and also performance in specific locations. Register for our event to know more!

Following this are the summarised great points about vending machines.

  • Vending Machines do not argue with you
  • Vending Machines collect money for you
  • Vending Machines can be repaired but a damaged partner relationship rarely can be repaired
  • Vending Machines do not report sick
  • Vending Machines can be resold for cost recovery or profit maximization

Who am i?

My name is Raymond Ng. I am a management consultant with over 3,000 SME clients serving in the areas of getting funding & investment for them.

Let me tell you a story of my own personal failing : I myself have invested in a few SME companies as well and the outcome is not what I expected.

The investments have gone very bad on the personal relationship point of view. We could not agree with many things about the businesses and while many of the businesses perform splendidly that was when the problem started. The partnership would end uglily, and in some cases we have brought each other to court.

I am perplexed that although I do not generally have a problem generating revenue for any business, the problems often start when the business is doing well. People start to feel that they should deserve more. People also feel that they do not want to continue doing what the agreed during the start of the business. We ended up arguing about how the business is run.

In many occasions, I dread coming to office as I have to deal with non cooperative partners. Voices were raised in the office, which made the office a bad place to work. I dread opening my whatsapp as whatsapp messages were full of legal threats. My family life was affected as I ended up arguing with my dearest wife.

It is no wonder from my experience being a management consultant to 3,000 over companies. Companies rarely fail because of market competition or the lack of money, most (like more than 90%) of them fail because of inner fighting.

What is the moral of the lesson here?

I am going to take responsibility here and not blame any of my partners. I realize that when a business does not have clear rules, people start to make up their own. This is the core issue that affects businesses and partnerships.

Being the consultants to over 3,000 companies I also realize where companies without well defined rules, there are arguments. Companies with well defined rules prosper and grow.

As I look at all the common business models available to most people, only 2 stand out. Today I am going to talk about one of them.

Vending Machines - Vending machines do not argue with their owners. Vending machines just dispense the goods and they collect money on behalf of their owners. No argument there. Vending machines record their earnings irrevocably on computer records.

I have now recently partnered with a reputable provider of vending machines so that I and many of you can earn money more predictably and also peacefully - something which I value more now because of the business arguments I have gone through so far.

So wait no further, I now organize sessions for people to know more and see how they can participate. Click on "Participate Now" to book a seat to our FREE seminar.

Raymond Ng



  • What kind & amount of income do you earn from a vending machine?
  • What is the cost of the vending machine?
  • What is the maintenance cost of the vending machine?
  • How to protect against 3rd party liability & damage on the vending machine?
  • How to coshare vending machines to spread out the risk?
  • How to sell off your vending machines profitably? 

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