The payment you pay here would allow you to be added to our online groups, which you would be able to choose locations to deploy your VendShare franchise. You would be able to participate in our group meetings or personal meetings with our founder for your more detailed questions to be answered.

For those who just want to know more, you can participate in our free sessions to introduce the idea at https://getproperty.club. We regret to say that our founder would only meet you in a group setting if you just want to know more about this. Personal meetings are only for committed customers.


After payment of above mentioned service, we would show you where available the venue to place the new vending machines. We would also be searching for new locations for you to place your vending machines. You may choose to commit a venue to place the said vending machine only if you are happy with the location. You may also participate in co share in a specific machine that is operating as well.

Meeting Raymond Ng

If you wish to meet up face to face with Mr Raymond Ng to have a serious discussion on confirming your vending machine, you may do so via clicking on this Calendar link and confirm this meeting with an actual deposit payment of S$ 100 which would go towards your eventual machine purchase.

If you wish to just talk to me over the phone, just make appointment via Calendar for a short talk. This talk would be free for the moment, but our discussion would just stick to providing of very basic information.

If you wish to have more information you are always welcome to our public seminar event which would provide all the information you require. Register via