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Who am i?

My name is Raymond Ng. I am a management consultant with over 3,000 SME clients serving in the areas of getting funding & investment for them.

Let me tell you a story of my own personal failing : I myself have invested in a few SME companies as well and the outcome is not what I expected.

The investments have gone very bad on the personal relationship point of view. We could not agree with many things about the businesses and while many of the businesses perform splendidly that was when the problem started. The partnership would end uglily, and in some cases we have brought each other to court.

I am perplexed that although I do not generally have a problem generating revenue for any business, the problems often start when the business is doing well. People start to feel that they should deserve more. People also feel that they do not want to continue doing what the agreed during the start of the business. We ended up arguing about how the business is run.

In many occasions, I dread coming to office as I have to deal with non cooperative partners. Voices were raised in the office, which made the office a bad place to work. I dread opening my whatsapp as whatsapp messages were full of legal threats. My family life was affected as I ended up arguing with my dearest wife.

It is no wonder from my experience being a management consultant to 3,000 over companies. Companies rarely fail because of market competition or the lack of money, most (like more than 90%) of them fail because of inner fighting.

What is the moral of the lesson here?

I am going to take responsibility here and not blame any of my partners. I realize that when a business does not have clear rules, people start to make up their own. This is the core issue that affects businesses and partnerships.

Being the consultants to over 3,000 companies I also realize where companies without well defined rules, there are arguments. Companies with well defined rules prosper and grow.

As I look at all the common business models available to most people, only 2 stand out. Today I am going to talk about one of them.

Vending Machines - Vending machines do not argue with their owners. Vending machines just dispense the goods and they collect money on behalf of their owners. No argument there. Vending machines record their earnings irrevocably on computer records.

I have now recently partnered with a reputable provider of vending machines so that I and many of you can earn money more predictably and also peacefully - something which I value more now because of the business arguments I have gone through so far.

Raymond Ng