VendShare - Be a Part of vendShare Coffee Vending Franchise Starting with only S$ 500 - Part 1

What made me want to be in this business (if robots are taking over our jobs, then moving forward it is to own the machines) and what is the 3 unique selling points of this business?

1) Vending machines are thousands of dollars or at most tens of thousands of dollars. Not millions of dollars like in real estate. You are making a manageable decision.

2) VendShare allows you to own a fraction of a franchise license, which means that you can make an even manageable decision of at least S$ 3,000.

3) VendShare also implements monthly installments of S$ 500 per month. Thus allowing you to make an even more manageable decision of S$ 500 per month.

If you wish to confirm or just to know more about this, do register at our events to know more in person;

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