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Innovative Maintenance Model

A great number of questions have been raised about the following;

1) Who is doing the filling up of the coffee beans?

You can outsource it back to the hardware importer to do the maintenance for you. Including refilling of coffee beans, other supplies and just to make sure the machine runs well. They have the requisite food safety licenses to replace the food supplies.

What is the cost of this maintenance? Elegantly bundled into the coffee beans they are going to top up for you. Meaning that the lesser cost if your machine sells lesser coffee, and cost that only goes up when your revenue goes up.

This provides a predictable return for the franchisee.

2) What about special governmental (NEA) food licenses franchisees need to have?

If you are outsourcing it back to the hardware importer, you don't have to worry about this, because they have food safety licenses to handle food. They also have 3rd party liability insurances that indemnify the franchisee from risk (as long as the franchisees are not the party refilling the food).

3) Warranty Top Up

First year warranty is of course free. Future years warranty can be extended for a small price per year. It would ensure that all repair cost would be free and also if the machine is beyond repair, the machine would be replaced at no cost.

Meeting Raymond Ng

If you wish to meet up face to face with Mr Raymond Ng to have a serious discussion on confirming your vending machine, you may do so via clicking on this Calendar link and confirm this meeting with an actual deposit payment of S$ 100 which would go towards your eventual machine purchase.

If you wish to just talk to me over the phone, just make appointment via Calendar for a short talk. This talk would be free for the moment, but our discussion would just stick to providing of very basic information.

If you wish to have more information you are always welcome to our public seminar event which would provide all the information you require. Register via

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