Rent First, Buy Later Model


Rent First Buy Later

Have you ever asked yourself whether vending is for you? What if it is not for you?

You can rent the vending machine at a small cost of few hundreds dollars per month (terms and conditions apply). You rent for 6 months. If it is suitable for you, you can top up to the cost of the machine (monthly installment plan available).

The marvelous thing is with such a low rental cost, you are most likely to run a profit on your 6 months rental trial period (projections should not be taken as a guarantee).

Imagine this, to get a revenue of S$ 1,200 you only need to sell about 15 cups a day. It is not difficult to imagine that there is a large safety of margin.

Raymond Ng

If you wish to meet up face to face with Mr Raymond Ng to have a serious discussion on confirming your vending machine, you may do so via clicking on this Calendar link and confirm this meeting with an actual deposit payment of S$ 100 which would go towards your eventual machine purchase.

If you wish to just talk to me over the phone, just make appointment via Calendar for a short talk. This talk would be free for the moment, but our discussion would just stick to providing of very basic information.

If you wish to have more information you are always welcome to our public seminar event which would provide all the information you require. Register via

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If this is for you, then it is time to move on to the next step! if you have yet to register, please register to be part of our mailing list so that you can hear our success stories.

If this is for you, make an appointment to talk with Mr Raymond Ng immediately to book your vending machines. Detailed discussion can carry out on phone calls or in person.